My Spark

Tried to capture you
in a single phrase.
Before you, the world lived in shades of grey.
Then palm to palm with a kiss sealed by lips,
We surrendered to unknown dark; it answered:
"there is only this".

You were meant
to chase the light;
to eclipse all fears make the world disappear to
bury in fire false love of old;
to show me the difference between a life lived
and a life told.

A fervor releases
honey gold eyes bear into mine.
They brace my fall into a cradled chasm of bliss
of which I'd never known.

Now and forever, there is only this.

Published by WritesofPassage

Welcome to my blog about travel and humanity, where the two join hands to send a message: that we all want to say the same thing. The purpose of this blog is twofold: to give a crazy mind a canvas, and to touch somebody's truth.

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