Reason and Ether

I’ve spent years trying to hold a fire in my palms,

Fire fabricated between you and I.

It’s that fire in your eyes when you take the snuff – the stuff of your dreams –

of which I have no part. The life of nights that holds you captive

as I once hoped to hold you.

It’s exactly that appeal that keeps me captive:

the fact that (though I come close)

nothing and no one can keep you. Because you are the light.

You’re bathed in a skylit glow and you blaze with the lava of a thousand suns

You should never be held because you should fly. You mesmerize me

But your gaze turned towards me doesn’t smolder and burn.

No, not with fire. But you are a twofold beam, one that shines and another that supports

my ground,

my very core,

my heart,

all thought…

for you are my love.

With you I never sought to hold any fire,

nor even try.

From years past it was always a macrocosm of celestial lights

that we always tried to deny.

It was always a pulsating beat

that passed between our bodies

effortlessly penetrating matter.

Kindred spirits born out of the same star.

A power of the cosmos.

And the gaze held by each other holds

the blaze of ten thousand fires

as that undulating force flows

through, over, between us

and I get lost in the vortex of your eyes.

Yet you are not my love.

How strange to be torn between a force branded by humans and a force born out of the ether?

Published by WritesofPassage

Welcome to my blog about travel and humanity, where the two join hands to send a message: that we all want to say the same thing. The purpose of this blog is twofold: to give a crazy mind a canvas, and to touch somebody's truth.

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