Interview with Liliana Robeson at MGS Magazine

MG Solutions Experts is an international marketing agency based in Sweden where I worked (remotely) as a Social Media Manager, Magazine Editor, PR Specialist and Content Developer.

Cocktails with Liliana Robeson, Independent Journalist

Liliana and I go back a long way. I first met her 9 years ago when she was my enthusiastic Zumba instructor, fierce and confident. Her natural zeal for owning her own business and speaking controversial truths always shined out from her fearless approach to life. As such, it’s pretty evident that she was a role model to many, myself included.

So it came as no surprise to see her fiery feed pop up on Instagram some years later: a political commentary of controversy and conspiracy theory (IG handle: @robesonliliana). Liliana is not one to dilly-dally. Her tenacity ties into her naturally driven character as a political ‘rallyer’ and someone who engages people with politics. When there is a major national issue, she draws attention to it.

A self-admitted go-getter, she spent some time with MG Solutions to chat about her experience in starting up her intriguing Instagram page and website venture: I actually didn’t have any issues starting up. That hasn’t been a problem for me at all. Maybe because I do [it] without thinking too much.

So in case you were wondering about the secret to her start up success…there you have it: no second thoughts, all progress.

Liliana professes to do the exact opposite of what you would expect from a self-made woman. Her modus operandi of not overthinking things is what has gotten her this far now. Instead of micro-managing and planning every detail, this woman of momentum dives right in, head first, eyes wide open. Her ideas are in hot pursuit of her – not the other way around.

And those bold ideas of hers are just the ticket that put her page amongst the many controversial discourses present on social platforms of today’s digital movement.

However, while we take advantage of the powers of the internet during these pandemic times, Liliana makes us acutely aware of the double-edged sword that it may (or tends to) be: “Social media, like everything, has a good and a bad side. It’s useful, but can be dangerous.”

The irony of Liliana’s position isn’t lost on us.

Her own independent journalism is her act of freedom in action, as it decries (and loudly) punishable acts of the politically malevolent and the woefully ignorant. Even her most recent post criticises child vaccinations and immunizations, denouncing them as a massive hoax and targeting parents who blindly believe in issuing them to their children. Social media is her most valuable marketing tool, both securing her speech-freedom and helping incur an ongoing influx of supportive followers.

Yet, on the other side of the coin, social media can obviously rear its ugly head and bite the hand that fed it in the first place. As a political agent and commentator, it’s clear that Liliana is prone to online abuses, too.

But she can’t and won’t be discouraged. Spreading the word is the basis of her operation. For her, there is no shying away from speech. 

In fact, there is only pressing forward with her venture and hustling to spread her vision amongst others – and where better to spread it than through the global reach that social media provides? 

Liliana also makes an interesting comment about the connection between social media and follower outreach. 

It’s not just about how well we reach out to audiences, but also how well we ENGAGE them. According to Liliana, “word of mouth happens when you have done great advertising.” 

This could mean a lot of things.

‘Word of mouth’ simply refers to the “conversation” that happens around a little heart shaped button that defines your google-optimized future. Word of mouth is now simply a component of clickbait.

Getting popular by word of mouth is merely a phenomenon. A byproduct. The real action lies in how well we create an emotionally relevant connection to those who would follow you…otherwise known as advertising.

And social media is now the world’s favorite tool for digital advertising. 

What Liliana says relates to an equally relevant point: the phenomenon of personalized social media made public, where our personal lives become our adverts. 

Talk about one hell of a way to connect to people than by revealing yourself at your most vulnerable!

…Or even connecting with people using a skill that many of us have lost behind the screen – the art of conversation.

Take Liliana’s own page, for example. Her artfully displayed commentary appeals visually and emotionally to viewers. It invokes discussion from her audience…which invites more clicks, likes, followers, backlink opportunities, comments…or as we said…conversation.

So to make the most of your business, go in head first like Liliana does, by optimizing your social media bios, having a vision in mind and sticking to it…not to mention, stimulating conversation with your insightful (and controversial!) content. 

That’s a sure-fire way to make your business grow with such an easy online tool.

Other advice in a single word? “Growing.” Much like Liliana’s overall countenance, we can expect the unexpected from her counsel. Her word to fellow starter-uppers doesn’t have so much to do with the ins, outs and tips that would get your start-up ahead.

Rather, she encourages us to build our character – a forthright character that pursues goals and builds empires.

No advice. Just do it and be consistent.”

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