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Do you need specialized marketing that:

✅Is tailored to your initiatives?
✅ effectively visualizes your campaigns?
✅Designs your brand for success?

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What’s the best way to become a leading business? We can tell you how and get you to the top. Read testimonials of other businesses that increased their profit margins with our guidance.

Build your biz without spending your petty cash!
1. Build up a social media personality for your brand.
2. Appeal to a community that your brand supports. This will contribute to your niche market!
3. Network, network, network. Interview other successful businesses that compliment your market. @Mention each other on social media.
4. Be the reporter. Reach out to news outlets with an irresistible pitch so that you can be featured in magazines.
5. Maybe you can’t spend money, but you can spend time. Spend time on business development by chatting with prospects and understanding their problem. Try and see if you answer their needs-if you don’t, reevaluate your business’ value propositions.
6. Don’t sell yourself short. Make sure your investors are worthy of your brand, reputation-wise and value-wise. Be wary of how many investors you wish to have. It’s hard to see eye to eye sometimes, but don’t settle for a**holes.

There’s a trick to achieving happiness – and it seems super negative: focus on your OBSTACLES. Seems counterintuitive, but envision yourself successfully and officially OVERCOMING your obstacles. How do you do it? What do you look like once you do?
The #powerofthemind works wonders, especially when you apply your imagination and a little creativity to getting over your mental blocks. At the very least, you can come out a little more optimistic just imagining yourself at your finest.
We just want you to see in yourself what we do: an aspiring and inspired individual.

Are you applying yourself lately? “We’re all born with boundless capacities. What we make of them has everything to do with attitude and application.”

I’ll never forget the first time I listened to Sir Ken Robinson speak-how enraptured I was by his storytelling and succinct eloquence. And what was more, it was entirely effortless.

And I think it’s due to the remarkable attitude that shines through his speech. He was more than his words. He embodied success over trials (having survived polio in childhood) , success in his career (read and listen to him if you haven’t yet!) and even success in the eyes of the Queen (the Sir speaks for itself…)!

I don’t know about you, but I’m motivated to get up, get out and get it.

Picture your company the way you want it. 📸 🤩 We’ll make your vision a reality. 💫 🌟

So we’ve shared major screw ups and major successes in our agency. 👏 💥 We’ve missed a deadline, botched up a magazine edit and miscommunicated a little. We’ve also built skills and a reliable team. Share your experience with us. Whats your entrepreneurial mood today? You can pick from the picture if words can’t quite express your #mayhem today 🤪🤭😏😉

MG builds bridges… 🌉

…to your brand, to your conversions 📈, to your solutions👏👏🏿👏🏽

Trust in us to show you off.📣📣 Check out some of our testimonials…

Tons of entrepreneurs have grand visions.

But not every business owner can put their visions on paper, on social media, on their websites and in their blogs!

We like to work with real people, putting real stories into real brands. Read our magazine…

Sometimes all we need is a well-deserved vacation. If you can’t take that (we are quarantined after all) take day trips of the imagination: write in a journal, take a nature walk with your pet, master that yoga pose thats been eluding you, call an old friend you haven’t chatted with in a while…You’ll be  surprised at the #rejuvenation that small pleasures can give you.

No one becomes successful overnight. And long term success requires building a stable business with well established values, strategies and a long term plan.
Success requires effort, persistence and hard work. Don’t give up after a few weeks trying. It could take months even years for your work to pay off, but I promise you it will.

That moment has arrived. You start seeing results and thinking the hard work is finally over.

Well… no!!!

In this competitive world, where businesses reinvent themselves on a daily basis, you cannot rely on what you have for long term survival.

Is your marketing strategy stagnant? An alternative perspective might be all it takes to freshen up your approach to prospects. Dont forget that your audience’s perspective is changing all the time, too. 2021 is coming with a new wave of ideas that will either bring us out of Covid or help us continue coping with it.  If you aren’t sure how to generate leads  moving into the new year, get in touch with us for a consultation to amp up your strategy. A fresh pair of eyes could make all the difference and help you target little details that went unnoticed before.

Need help visualizing your stories? We’re full of them! Get in touch!

Top performers on LinkedIn

Repurpose your career in the pandemic. “We’re dealing with a lot of confusion…Were not allowed to be ourselves anymore. So lead with your gifts.”

Rushion McDonald is giving invaluable advice and savvy #entrepreneurtips for aspiring #businessowners. “In the age of corona, hearing the right words at the right time can competely change a life.” So here are some suggestions from him that will hopefully make a difference in yours:

• Make short term goals within 30 days.
• #Excel at your 40 hour workweek so that you’re prepared for unexpected demands of the #entrepreneurlifestyle .
• Be prepared to work alone as much as on a team.

The path is unclear. So lead with your gifts into the new year! Happy 2021!

The key to success? Make your audience feel something. Passion.

“Take your fears on a romantic date once a week” advises Alex Banayan, author of The Third Door.

I know a lot of you might not exactly think that pulling out a journal on a date is your thing…

But its a good chance to ask intimate questions of your fears. Where do they come from? How have they grown throughout their lives?

We’ve all have fears. Maybe there’s something you’ve feared for a long time, like:

• Starting the business of your dreams
• Elevating your company’s brand by outsourcing your marketing
• Investing in that new major tech that would totally increase your conversions

Keep in mind that fear is just a word. You give it meaning. Fear lies in anticipation; relief, in action.

So spend time with your fears. Maybe they won’t go away, maybe you’ll overcome them…what is certain is that you’ll face challenges in spite of fear. And you won’t be stopped from facing fear.

2021 is a new year no wrinkles in it. Give yourself experience. Give yourself compassion. Watch your fears relinquish their hold on you; watch yourself learn to cherish them. Then, grow.

If a BD and Marketing team had a baby…

Here it is. Marketing strolls through one day with a zillion awesome ideas for social media. BD sits at the table and presents data about the actual market and potential prospects.

BD has been gathering data on restaurants while Marketing has been catering to the fashion sector. Now they’re at odds. The data doesn’t match the prospect. They’ve been taking steps backwards when, all along, they should’ve been helping each other!

So they fight. They bicker. Then, they make up. And BOOM: the baby is born!

Marketing and BD communicated together. They decided that it was a good idea to match their content to their target audience. And later, when their BD-Marketing baby grew up, their niche market expanded into other niche markets. And kept growing.

Create strong lines of communication between your BD and Marketing teams because, together, you can re-focus a strong approach towards your ideal client. This is how your sales increase. This is how your business baby grows.

Are your marketing and sales teams communicating?

Biography written for team member

I’ve still got a long way to go guys…

The truth is, I’ve started from scratch.

I’ve spent a decade in education. Then one day, I blinked. And when I opened my eyes the world was different and I was ready for a change.

Now I’ve graduated from teacher to student (wrap your head around that one) and am riding the learning curves of marketing with a supportive team at the helm.

The truth is, you may have to look back to see how far you’ve come, but you’ll never know without moving forward. So I just keep climbing. I keep pursuing knowledge. I keep learning from my team. And it’s been awesome!

The journey is a reward in itself (thanks, Confucius!) and I can’t wait to be at the top of my game – because when I get there, I know there’ll be a whole new game to play and learn from.

The point is, embracing change this year has been what matters the most.

The point is, what matters most is how you handle  those changes.

Who else has gone through a major transition this year? Any updates?

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