Spec Ad: Public School Proposal

Don’t knock it ’til you try it: Why mindfulness and meditation are not bogus

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Einstein was on to something there!

Before you reject the good vibes of a mindfulness and meditation workshop, take a closer look; introspection is something we miss out on time and time again, especially when facing the rough realities of day-to-day tasks.

Meet Rochelle, someone who has been dealing with some childhood traumas and abuse. Mindfulness has been her leading antidote to her anxieties. With meditation, she has come to understand and peacefully deal with the genesis of her own emotions.

Mindfulness is meant as a progressive means to tackle every day issues students may face in regards to concentration, anger management and other inhibiting behaviors.

Project Zen is our solution: a top-down approach to teaching mindfulness and meditation.

It starts here: as a yoga instructor, I will guide teachers through the steps of mindfulness. As we rewire our own brains to adapt to mindfulness, it trickles down to our students who are given new tricks to coping with their anxieties and troubles.

If this project is successful, schools can expect to see a decrease in “acting out” and an increase in mature coping mechanisms in students. I propose we survey the students. That way, we can see a difference before and after, where before, there might be more compulsion towards violence, frustration, etc., afterward. if we’re successful, we will find that students will have uncovered abilities in coping, very much like Rochelle did. Maybe even more so than adults. And if we’re lucky, these methods of mindfulness will carry over into generations of the future.

The ways we’ve tried no longer work. It’s about time we found new methods to address age-old issues in our school environments.

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