Rewrite: Cosmetics ‘About Us’ Webpage

Website SPEC Copy : Florame’s Commitment If you can’t eat it, why should your skin? Florame honours its commitment to nature with high quality essential oils that are harvested with the utmost care to our environment. Whether mixed into your own homemade balm or diffused to detoxify the air in your home, our pure ingredientsContinue reading “Rewrite: Cosmetics ‘About Us’ Webpage”

Spec Ad: Educational Magazine Blog

And you thought your test-taking days were over? A Commentary on the InTasc Rubric Standards 6, 7 & 8 for teachers. These standards tell us exactly what for, why and how assessment matters. You thought your test taking days were over? Wait a minute – I am the teacher. Why should assessment matter for me?Continue reading “Spec Ad: Educational Magazine Blog”