Wyoming Surprise

The curly-haired brunette had passed me with a smile as she jogged through the park with her dog. I smiled back, outwardly composed, inwardly – with a jolt in my stomach – wondering what she thought of my overstuffed car and makeshift kitchen in her neighborhood park. It’s funny how living out of a vehicleContinue reading “Wyoming Surprise”

Silence and Meatbags, Moab, Utah

He was the spitting-image of old Westerns. Long snow-white beard with a handle-bar mustache. Straight-backed saunter and an angle to his chin that made you wonder if he ever made eye contact with you when he talked, or if he just held his gaze straight on perpetually. A man of few words, his deep growlContinue reading “Silence and Meatbags, Moab, Utah”

With Howls at Your Back, Acadia National Park, Maine

The air was brisk at Acadia National Park. While dusk set in, I opted for short stroll through the woods around Bubble Pond. Bird chirps faded as evening nestled into little corners of the woods. New sounds of the night emerged: leaves rustled to rest; peace settled in; my footsteps padded against the dirt beneathContinue reading “With Howls at Your Back, Acadia National Park, Maine”

Thievery and Life, Jakarta, Indonesia

It takes a lot to write about shame. With age, grace and humility, I am turning the corner towards becoming a bottle of fine wine, full of the wisdom of my experience. With time and humility, I am finally able to share my embarrassment. The point in time where I realized I was no longerContinue reading “Thievery and Life, Jakarta, Indonesia”