she Writes of Passage

Travel. Art. Humanity. by EliA

If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet.

Rachel Wolchin
she writes of passage

On ne peut découvrir de nouveaux océans tant qu’on n’a pas le courage de perdre de vue la côte.

André Gide

Crazy minds need a canvas…and to touch somebody’s truth.


EliA is a writer, lyricist and digital content creator.

Recently, she served as Social Media Director for marketing agency MG Solutions Experts and Copywriter for Swedish start-up MaskZ of Sweden. She spent several years as an avid lyricist and vocalist for the Hong Kong underground band Other Theories.

She previously wrote scripts for E-Learning Pro and acted in training videos for the Hong Kong Civil Service. Her background in education lent to her experience as a curriculum developer in institutions around the world, including in Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.

EliA now pursues writing of the heart. These samples of her works join travel and humanity into one message: that despite coming from different places, we all just strive to share one thing – our stories of compassion.

she writes of passage

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