Travel Stories

Thievery or Life

It takes a lot to write about shame. With age, grace and humility, I am turning the corner towards becoming a bottle of fine wine, full of the wisdom of my experience. With time and humility, I am finally able to share my embarrassment. The point in time where I realized I was no longerContinue reading “Thievery or Life”

Perfect Mornings

I woke up to your perfect morning. You crept out first. Your long body strolled – as you do – to the jacuzzi. Your large hands opened the faucet, adjusting the temperature as the tub filled up. In that moment, I stirred. And you turned around in time to glimpse my eyes opening. I shiftedContinue reading “Perfect Mornings”


A sudden loudness startled me from our gaiety. All heads on the train swung around.

Read me with rhythm

What are you running from? Interminable guilt complexes? Vicariously lived lives? Mediocrity. Hypocrisy. Jealousy. Lies Of proclaim├Ęd love and secret hate. Of secret desires to see me fall or ingratiate Myself to desperate and desolate depths – unforgivable law of delimited self respect. Why must my time to rise be defined By the sand duneContinue reading “Read me with rhythm”


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Thanks for traveling with me through these real-life stories of my travels. The journey is the reward.

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